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Wave Inspired 925 Sterling Silver Moissanite Necklace

SKU: nw22070101

$39.99 USD

Glister, Better with Bestcarat

Inspired by the fast-paced and unique lifestyle of young people, Bestcarat jewelry brings the concept of Fast Fashion to the jewelry industry to create affordable timeless iconic pieces for you to individualize your style. Whether you are finding a delicate gift for your special one or wanting to please yourself with a beautiful treat, you can always find your dream pieces. You never need a big ticket to your dream jewelry box but a click at the Bestcarat site. With Bestcarat Jewelry, you are glistering with confidence and happiness. It is not only a stylish dazzling touch to enhance your daily wear but also a statement to express your individuality. Indulge here, you can always find a fancy inspiration to individualize and treat yourself.

Ethical and Eco-friendly – Exordinary Brilliance than Diamonds

Bypassing heavily carbon-footprint diamonds, Bestcarat jewelry chose to offer a more ethical, sustainable, and affordable purchase by incorporating lab-grown moissanite into everyday jewelry, for the reason that lab-created stone requires zero mining to produce, making fewer carbon footprints than diamonds. Our lab-grown moissanite is rated at 0.104 ( natural diamond: 0.044)in fire, with a refractive index of 2.65( natural diamond: 2.41), which are much higher than that of natural diamonds. Therefore, Bestcarat Jewelry adds an extraordinarily brilliant touch to you.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship and Finest Details – Perfect Timeless Pieces

Bestcarat Jewelry has an excellent artisan team who perform with the uncompromising skill to design and develop flawless moissanite pieces which perfectly display in design, cut and color. Simply put, we create timeless pieces designed to remind you of your unfailing beauty and brilliance. We make every piece of jewelry means to you, making it worth cherishing for your lifetime. So, secure your enviable sense of style and discover the endless possibilities to create with moissanite jewelry you love to wear, collect, and treasure.

Every Gemstone Can Pass the Test

Bestcarat Jewelry, who is passionate about moissanite, offers moissanite stones with impressive quality. Every moissanite stone is created under strict control, so they are well-guaranteed in clarity, color, and cut. And the standard tests for diamonds will be conducted to ensure the quality of the stones before selling. At Bestcarat jewelry, you can not find any fake or low-quality stones. Believe it or not, you can try it yourself by taking your gem to a diamond tester and conducting a thermal or electrical conductivity test. If there are any flaws in the stone, we will give you a full refund and apologize for this by gifting you a new gemstone. We will try our best to offer the most satisfying service for you.

100% Authentic - Certify Your Gem

At Bestcarat jewelry, every moissanite stone comes with a unique authority certificate to offer the ultimate quality guarantee for your gemstone. Before selling, we send our moissanite stones to the third-party authority professional team to evaluate them with advanced gemstone testing equipment to make the final check for our stone. Rounds of checks contribute to guaranteeing the best quality for your stone. Therefore, it is always a reliable and authentic purchase. Fasten your belt, now drive to the Bestcarat jewelry showing room to get your dream pieces.

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