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Bestcarat, an online store that provides trendy moissanite jewelry for young people.We strive to make it become the top one in the vibrant fashion jewelry industry.Recently, our Brand Ambassador Program has started, and we are looking for someone like you to become the ambassador of our brand to market our new products online.

What we can provide ?

1. Send you a beautiful product for free, Shipping fee ($10) not included.

2. Earn Up to 20% commission on each successful referral sale.

3. 25% Off exclusive discounts for your followers.

4. First to get newly released products from Bestcarat.

How to become a brand ambassador?

1. Complete the registration for the affiliate program,the registration link is as follows:

2. After the affiliate registration is completed, we will provide you exclusive affiliate links,You need to share on your social media.

3. You can login to goaffpro to view commissions on net sales earned through affiliate links on your website or social channels (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, etc.).the login link is as follows:

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We hope:

1. You can create unique and valuable content for our item.

2. Add our productaffiliate link and exclusive discounts for followers.

3. Show the jewelry box of our brand in the post or video.

4. @ourofficial account


     Instagram: @bestcarat_accessories

     YouTube: @Bestcarat

     Pinterest: @bestcarat_official

     Add hashtag to posts or videos:

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5. Please note that we need you to Post within 3 days of delivery, not just stories.

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