Who Sells Moissanite Rings Near Me? 

With the popularity of moissanite, an increasing number of people are keen on this environmentally-friendly affordable stone as an excellent alternative to diamond rings because of its exceptional brilliance and high clarity. However, when I searched who sells moissanite rings near me, I found that many physical stores do not offer moissanite. Meanwhile and luckily, I found that many online stores provide moissanite jewelry with the best prices and various designs. Plus, they also provide us with a returns policy, making them the best choices for purchasing moissanite. So why not choose a trusted online retailer who sells moissanite rings near you. After long-term research online. I have found several sites that offer the best moissanite jewelry worldwide. Let me share them with you. 

who sells moissanite rings near me

Forever Moissanite 

Forever Moissanite is one of the best places for moissanite jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, bridal sets, and more. Known for wedding jewelry, Forever Moissanite offers engagement rings in a variety of styles, including round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and more. What fascinates us is that it allows you to customize your jewelry settings. Amazingly, its excellent customer service from before sale to after-sale makes it win top-rated 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. And moissanite rings from this company are priced between $1,000 and $1,500, which is price-friendly for most people. So if you are looking for a moissanite ring, it will be the best option.

Charles and Colvard 

Charles and Colvard provide stunning moissanite jewelry in a variety of styles. The first to sell moissanite stones in the world, this retailer offers Forever One Moissanite, the best one in the world. Here you can find an ideal moissanite ring that embodies beauty and elegance in its way. The price for moissanite rings at this site is between $1,000 to $2,000, which is affordable for most people. 

With an excellent logistic system and returns policy, it is one of the world-famous jewelry brands. As such, it is a trusted retailer that sells moissanite rings near me.

Brilliant Earth 

Brilliant Earth is one of the world-famous jewelry brands that offer a wide selection of fine jewelry and gemstones for statement. Fascinatedly, trendy ring designs, including Halo rings, accent rings, solitaire rings, and more, are available. 

As for the pricing level for moissanite rings, it ranges between $1,000 and $2,100. And you can enjoy good customer care at this site as it offers free 30 days of returns and a free lifetime warranty. 

If you are looking for fine moissanite rings near me, it will be one of the best options for you.


Established in 2005, MoissaniteCo.is a retailer that is an expert at selling moissanite rings. Offering a comprehensive guide on selecting moissanite rings, it helps you to choose the best moissanite rings. Besides, here you can find your ideal rings whether you are looking for iconic pieces or classic-modern tones because it provides more than 400 products in a variety of styles.

More than that, it also allows you to customize your rings. Based on the universal designs offered by the platform, you can customize the settings for your rings. The prices for moissanite rings go between $1,000 and $3,000, making it a good option for someone who is looking for fine jewelry. 


Esty is a good place for unique jewelry. Here you can find a variety of impressive jewelry shops that offer affordable jewelry. By filtering your search, you can find US-based stores which offer moissanite engagement rings that come in unique styles. Best of all, most of them are priced between $250 and $600, making it an optimal place to get moissanite rings with a small budget. 


Bestcarat is an online store, dedicated to providing trendy moissanite jewelry for the younger generation. With a wide selection of everyday pieces ranging from rings to bracelets, it focuses on affordable jewelry for the younger generation to stylize daily wear and express themselves. It incorporates the latest fashion trends into its products to create iconic pieces for you. 

In terms of moissanite quality, it is well guaranteed in clarity, hardness, color, and brilliance because the stones are sourced from China and certificated by IGIC(International Gemological Inspection Center). Best of all, its price level is lower than that of other sites. For example, the prices for earrings or bracelets go from $79, and moissanite rings are priced between $100 to $300, which will be an affordable choice when it comes to a retailer who sells moissanite rings near me.

Final Thoughts 

The sites mentioned above are good places for moissanite, in terms of product quality, customer service, and price level. Whether you are looking for an affordable moissanite ring or you are going to get a moissanite engagement ring from a fine jewelry retailer, you can always find the perfect one from the mentioned above. 


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