Which Moissanite Cut Resembles a Diamond Most?

Moissanite is considered the best alternative to diamonds due to its high similarity to a diamond in appearance. With its high clarity and extraordinary brilliance, this environment-friendly stone is also an affordable choice for you. As such, moissanite rings became one of the most popular choices for engagement rings or wedding rings. However, some of us may want a diamond replacement or a diamond-like moissanite engagement ring to glister in her wedding party. However, which moissanite is closet to a diamond may puzzle us. So here we will answer this question with details.

Round Cut

Round-cut moissanite resembles a diamond most. Apart from its high similarity to a diamond in appearance, round moissanite will emit a reflective light and brilliance that are the same as diamonds do due to the adjustment of cutting. That is to say, you can hardly distinguish round moissanite and a diamond even when they place side by side. So if you want to invest in a diamond moissanite ring, the round-cut moissanite may be the optimal choice.

diamond moissanite rings


Princess cut is one of the most popular options, when it comes to engagement rings. Modified from the traditional round brilliant cut, princess cut diamonds can show the exceptional brilliance of round diamonds. Now princess cut moissanite has been cut to have facets that highly resemble a diamond. Meanwhile, it also comes with brilliance that is the same as a round diamond. For this reason, princess cut moissanite becomes the second ideal choice for diamond moissanite rings.


diamond moissanite rings

Emerald cut

The emerald cut has gained popularity in recent years. Featuring a large surface table and elongated, rectangular facets, it shows high clarity and delivers subtle brilliance and sparkle. That means that the brilliance and sparkle that emerald-cut moissanite emits will not go much more than a diamond of the same size does. As such, emerald moissanite will resemble highly to an emerald cut both in appearance and brilliance. If you want a diamond-like moissanite ring, it may be one of the optimal choices for you.

diamond moissanite rings

Cushion cut

The modern cushion cut is classified into two main categories,  including standard cushion cut and modified cushion cut. The modified cushion cut is also called crushed ice cut, among which crushed ice cut has enjoyed increasing popularity when it mentions engagement rings because of its resemblance to round cut in brilliance and sparkle. Plus, this cutting style also features an extra row of facets below the girdle, which creates a more dazzling look. Under crushed ice cut, moissanite takes on features closely associated with a crushed ice diamond and emits brilliance and sparkle that resembles highly to a diamond. For this reason, this cutting style also can make a diamond-like moissanite ring for you.

diamond moissanite rings

It is joyful to get a diamond-like moissanite ring. No matter which cutting style it is, try to choose the one you like best. For more information about moissanite and diamond, please follow the Bestcarat site.

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