All You Need to Know About Rose Cut Moissanite

Originating in the 1500s, the rose cut was popular in the Georgian and Victorian Era when rose-cut diamonds serve to dazzle and sparkle in low light conditions due to their large and wide facets. Although it is considered a vintage and antique existence, it has recently regained popularity in modern jewelry among enthusiasts of vintage jewelry, especially rose-cut moissanite rings are sought after by those who are looking for an antique moissanite engagement ring. However, most of us may not be very familiar with this cut as we seldom see rose-cut moissanite in a jewelry showroom. Today, we will bring you to know more details about it

rose cut moissanite

What is Rose Cut?

Rose-cut moissanite features a flat base and a domed top covered with distinctive triangle facets which looks like the sprawling petals of a fully bloomed rose. Their facets vary between cuts and can contain from 3 to 24.

Unlike a brilliant-cut moissanite diamond with a peaked bottom and is made to reflect captured light towards the spectator for maximum sparkle, a rose-cut stone has a flat base that reduces the intense light reflection to form a transparent glow and subtle icy in the bottom. And It is because of the transparency of rose-cut will bring that rose-cut moissanite are less common.

Rose-cut makes the Carat weight of a gem show on the top, which means that a rose-cut stone will look bigger than a full-cut one of the same carat weight when viewed from above.

Without the pointed pavilion of brilliant-cut diamonds, rose-cut moissanite can be cut into a variety of shapes such as oval, pear, square, or any other random ones.

rose cut moissanite
  • Colors

Because of its domed top and flat base to create a subtle dazzling, the rose cut can deliver a warm tone, which makes it perfectly fit colored gemstones, protecting its color from the distraction of intense light reflection that brilliant-cut may bring. However, this cutting style is away from modern diamonds, especially for the whitest natural ones, most of which are processed with a brilliant cut to get a high price, as it can not show more brilliance than a brilliant cut does. Only when someone wants a vintage and antique touch, can it be used.

  • Clarity

It is not easy to hide inclusions and blemishes in a rose-cut stone because it features a high domed with plenty of big flatter facets, making it very transparent for you to see anything through the stone. And it is because of this high transparency that this cutting style is suitable for a high-clarity stone. So if you prefer a vintage transparent subtle icy, rose-cut moissanite will be an ideal choice, as lab-made moissanite usually features high clarity. Of course, if you have enough budget, why not invest in a high-clarity diamond?


Rose-cut is an antique cutting style that comes with a flat base and a domed top covered with distinctive triangle facets, which will create a transparent subtle sparkle. Although it is less used for modern diamond cutting, its high degree of fit to colored gemstone and high clarity moissanite and the special antique vintage touch brings it a massive resurgence in the modern jewelry industry.

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