The Reasons and Tips for Choosing a Moissanite Ring

Every elegant woman must have a delicate ring in her jewelry box. It may be the best witness for your romance, a sparkle that makes you slay at a party, or even just a statement for your daily wear. No matter it is a diamond ring or a moissanite ring, it can always dazzle your look and show your charm any time anywhere. However, when it comes to the choices of engament rings for women, the rivalry between diamond rings and moissanite rings is a cliche. But today, I am pleased to tell you that I will fight for women moissanite rings with some facts and share some tips about buying a moissanite ring.

women moissanite rings

The Reason why choosing a moissanite ring

As we know, moissanite stones are laboratory-created. Under strict quality control, they even go without any flaws or inclusions. Moreover, they go better than diamonds in brilliance and fire, meaning that a moissanite stone will look more dazzling than a diamond. And although this gemstone is considered colorless, it can emit yellow, green, or gray tints under certain light , which makes it glister with rainbow flashes. So if you love something sparkling, why not choose a moissanite ring.

 women moissanite rings

Moissanite is considered the most cost-effective alternative to diamonds due to its extraordinary brilliance and price. One carat moissanite cost only $400-$500, which is only 10% of the price of diamonds. As such, when you try to shop for a moissanite engagement ring for women, you can buy a bigger one with more brilliance than a diamond.

Moissanite also makes excellent performance in durability. On the Mohs scale for gemstone’s harness, moissanite ranks 9.25 while a diamond scores 10, which is the maximum score. Although its score is a little lower than that of diamonds, it is still incredibly durable for resistance to scratching or other damage. Therefore, moissanite rings are very suitable for daily wear and can be passed down as a family heirloom.

women moissanite rings


Tips about buying a quality moissanite ring

However, how to choose the best quality moissanite ring maybe not be very clear to you. To help you out of the trouble of buying women moissanite rings, here we will share some tips with you.

  1. Know more details about moissanite before buying one, including its clarity, hardness, color, price, and so on. Try to pick up a moissanite ring with a high degree of fire, a bright luster, and a good polish with very minimal surface scratches.
  2. Buy a moissanite ring from a retailer you trust. The source of mossanite may vary from every retailer. The moissanite from a reliable laboratory is well guaranteed in quality.
  3. Don’t settle for a moissanite ring with obvious imperfections in clarity or color. Quality moissanite has a reasonable price. In general, one-carat moissanite will cost $400-$500.

A delicate moissanite ring can dazzle your look. Whether you are selecting women's moissanite rings for engagement and wedding or looking for some sparkles to accessorize your wearing or for a special occasion, try to choose the best one for yourself. The latest moissanite jewelry collection of Bestcarat has been launched,  discover more dazzling ones by clicking here.








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