The Best Review Moissanites for You

With the momentum of moissanite, this environmentally sparkly stone is gaining more and more popularity among people especially young people, because of its affordability and stunning look. However, you may be lost in the jewelry market saturated with plenty of options, all claiming to be moissanite. So here we share some best review moissanite options to help you succeed in this new wave.

moissanite reviews

Charles & Colvard 

When it comes to moissanite, we can not talk about Charles and Colvard, the first firm that introduces moissanite to the jewelry market. It received patents to create lab-made moissanite stone in 1998 and took its domination in moissanite jewelry. For many years, it has developed a series of excellent moissanite brands, including Forever One, Forever Brilliant, and Forever Classic, all of which are well guaranteed in quality. Every moissanite offered at Charlesandcolvard site is coming with exceptional brilliance and remarkable clarity, which impresses us a lot. And even you can see tons of good moissanite reviews for their products online. That is the reason why it always enjoys a good reputation in the jewelry industry. And it is because of its impressive quality that it is also considered the best review moissanite brand in the world. 

However, the price for their moissanite pieces is between $1,000 to $3,000, which may be a little expensive for someone that is looking for dainty brilliant jewelry for their everyday wear. But shopping for engagement rings is still the optimal option for you regardless of the high prices. 

The Expiration of Patents for Moissanite 

You can still find many choices in the market for moissanite jewelry currently. Since the expiration of Charles & Colvard’s patents for moissanite on the original process worldwide in 2018, many jewelers have joined the line to create and sell lab-grown moissanite. They compete to win consumers’ hearts by improving their handcrafts, which emerges a series of excellent moissanite brands. Among them, America-based brands, such as Neo Moissanite and Harro Gem Premium Moissanite, whose quality are well-recognized in the jewelry industry, have earned plenty of good moissanite reviews online. 

Moissanite from China

Meanwhile, Chinese jewelers have started to sell synthetic moissanite, after the expiration of Charles & Colvard’s patents for moissanite. Thanks to synthesis technology and exquisite craftsmanship in gemstone, moissanite from China is well guaranteed in clarity, hardness, fire, and brilliance, and it is also certified by GIA. Now there emerge plenty of excellent moissanite retailers, offering the best review moissanite at affordable prices. For example, Bestcarat, the first to bring moissanite to younger fashion jewelry, serves you with affordable, trendy, and personalized pieces. It thinks outside of the box and grants the younger generation the opportunity to set the new trends by corporating this ethically sourced gemstone to everyday pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Priced between $79 to $300, the dazzling pieces offered at Bestcarat are worth buying to enhance your ensemble and your day-to-day.

Final Thoughts

As the momentum of moissanite’s adoption in jewelry accelerates, more and more options for moissanite are flooding the market. Whether you are shopping moissanite from a US-based jewelry shop or a Chinese online store, try to choose a retailer with many moissanite reviews. Wish you benefit from this post and grab the best quality moissanite at reasonable prices. For more information about moissanite, please stay tuned here. 



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