How to Measure a Ring Size?

To help you find your ring size, we are at Bestcarat jewelry to provide you with a full guide on how to measure ring size. Whether you are shopping for a ring online or planning to buy an engagement ring for a proposal, this ring size guide will help you purchase a ring like an engagement ring that is a perfect fit.

how to measure ring size

Basics about Ring Size

The ring size for women ranges from 3 to 9. Most rings for women are bought in sizes 5 to 7. The average ring size for women is 6.

In contrast, men's ring sizes are usually between size 6 and size 13. Men's rings are most often bought in sizes 8 to 10 to 12. The majority of them will buy a ring that is sized 9.

You can determine what you need by using these typical ring sizes.

how to measure ring size

Ring Size With String and a Ruler

It is easy for us to measure ring size at home. All you need is a string, and a ruler. To help you get an accurate ring size, we have made a step-by-step guide for you.

First, wrap it around the base of the ring finger, and then mark the circumference of a finger with a pen.

Second, place the designated string against a ruler and measure it in millimeters to determine the ring finger circumference.

Next, also measure the circumference of the knuckle if the knuckle is much bigger than the base of the finger, and choose a measurement that is in the middle.

Finally, you can use a ring size chart to find the correct size. Read the size as carefully as you can in order to get the perfectly right size,

Pro tips:

Think about the size of your knuckles. If your knuckle is bigger than average, order half a size bigger than what your finger says, or you won't be able to get the ring in the right place.

Be careful not to stretch the string or floss too much, since this will cause it to stretch and make the measurement less precise.

Ring size can be measured up to three times for increased ring size accuracy.


how to measure ring size

More Ring Sizing Tips:

  • Measure a Ring You Already Have

If you already have a ring that fits well on your finger, you can measure the inside diameter of this ring with a ruler:

  1. Take your ruler and measure the inside of the ring from one edge to the other.
  2. Measure the diameter in millimeters, and then use the chart to figure out what size ring you need.
    how to measure ring size
    how to measure ring size
  • Buy Your Own Ring Sizer

Another way to get the right ring size is to buy your own ring sizer, which can bring the most accurate measurement. Plus, they are very affordable and available in a lot of options online.

There are two kinds of tools that can be used to measure rings: a thin measuring tape or a keyring with a range of ring sizes on it. You can also keep these on hand to use as a measuring tool when shopping for rings for other family members.

how to measure ring size

Tips for Secretly Measuring Ring Size

If you’re planning a surprise proposal but do not the ring size of your sweetie, you can try to find a well-fitting ring that your partner already has and use that to measure the diameter.

The diameter of a ring is measured across its inner width when determining a ring size. Measure the interior of the ring's widest points from edge to edge using a ruler or a tape measure

To get the most accurate measure, you should try to use a circular ring of your partner. However, if your partner doesn't have a round ring, you try to measure a different shape, and measure the shortest distance across.

Once you know the ring's diameter, you can find the right size by finding the closest measurement on the ring size chart. Ideally, you could also take the ring they already have to a jeweler and have them measure and size it for you, which can help you get a more accurate ring size

Besides, the quickest way is to ask her friends or family for help. They can help you get an accurate answer without embarrassment.

how to measure ring size

Warning Tips About Measure Ring Size

  • Keep in mind thatthe temperature affects the size of fingers

If it's too cold, people's finger sizes tend to shrink, but if it's too hot, they tend to swell.

  • Drinking too much water affects your finger size.

The finger can also get bigger during the day if they are active or drink a lot of water.

  • Measure ring size on a mild day

If you choose to measure your partner's finger yourself, or even if you go into a jeweler to have them professionally measured, try to do this on a moderate day, and also try to do it near the end of the day. This will guarantee that the measurement you receive is precise.

  • Consider which is the dominant hand

In most people's hands, the dominant hand has longer, wider fingers. For this reason, for instance, if your partner is left-handed, their ring size may be slightly larger than average.


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