How Much is a Moissanite Ring Worth?

 Before buying a moissanite engagement ring, it is important to know more details about its price to make the most use of your money. Although moissanite rings are cheaper than diamond rings, you still need to spend a great sum of money on high-quality moissanite. The price level of moissanite rings is affected by several factors, including the size and type of the stone, the metal holding the stone, and even some other individual characteristics that may also come into play. In the following, we will share some knowledge about moissanite ring price to offer you some guidance.

 moissanite ring price

The price of a moissanite

Before introducing the moissanite ring price, I think it necessary to know the pric of moissanite because it matters the most when it comes to the influence of the pricing of a moissanite ring. 

In general, moissanite’s price is lower than that of a diamond. The average price of one-carat moissanite is $500, which is only one-eighth of that of a one-carat diamond. Let's take a closer look at the comparison between moissanite and diamonds by checking the following table that compares pricing for a GIA-certified round diamond (with I-color and VS2 clarity), a classic moissanite stone (not colorless), a Forever Brilliant moissanite stone (near-colorless), and Forever One moissanite stone (colorless).

 The price of the metal holding the stone
The metal holding the stone is considered one of the most important factors that influence the price of moissanite rings a lot. Gold and silver are the most common-seen material that is used to make rings. Most gold engagement rings are 18K gold, 14k gold, or 10k gold, none of which are made of 24K gold because the gold with such purity is so soft that it will be damaged easily, while silver that is used to make a ring is 925 sterling silver, whose current price is only $0.62 per gram. 
Below is the chart is a table that tells the pricing for gold according to its purity.

Besides the mentioned points, the special design of a ring also affects the price of moissanite rings a lot, as it can add a different touch to a ring. However, it is hard to give a further talk to tell you how it affects the price of a ring as the design for an engagement ring is changeable. 


It is wise to buy a high-quality moissanite ring at a reasonable price. Try to know more clearly about moissanite and metal before purchasing a engagement ring or searching for extra information about engagement rings, you will save a lot on it. 


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