Forever One Moissanite vs Bestcarat Moissanite

At Bestcarat Jewelry, we take pride in ourselves for providing flawless moissanite pieces for you at great prices without sacrificing the overall quality of the stones and product designs.  With compromising craftsmanship, we make every moissanite stone with the finest details to offer the best carat moissanite to you.

Forever one moissanite is considered the most colorless moissanite. It was created by Charles and Colvard. In the following, we will compare our Bestcarat moissanite with it.


What is Forever One Moissanite?

 Forever One Moissanite is the best Moissanite brand out there. Charles & Colvard, an American firm, produces Forever One Moissanites. It is the firm that first developed Moissanite jewels, therefore it naturally has the most expertise in the field. Their Moissanite crystals are unparalleled. A Forever One Moissanite is a colorless gem that has a perfect cut and nearly perfect clarity.

What is Bestcarat Moissanite?

Bestcarat moissanite is sourced from a famous reputable laboratory in Asia. To guarantee the quality of the gems, we made an agreement with the Aisa laboratory to offer only D-color grade moissanite. So Bestcarat moissanite is colorless with flawless clarity.

Besides owning a professional craftsman team, we have also collaborated with Aisa, a well-known engineer who cuts moissanite with computers and cutting-edge robot technology to ensure that every detail of our moissanite is perfect. Robotic cutting allows for superhuman precision as well as consistency of quality from stone to stone. The girdle is also faceted, which distinguishes it from other Moissanites on the market.

forever one moissanite

The Comparison Between Forever One Moissanite and Bestcarat Moissanite

  • Colors

Forever one moissanite was created by Charles and Colvard.  Falling under the grade of D-E-F, it is considered the clearest one without any color tints. Bestcarat moissanite is given with the same clarity as forever one. It looks stunning and shining with no impurity. However, collaborating with a reputable Asian laboratory, Bestcarats Jewelry made strict controls on moissanite colors to provide you with only D-graded moissanite. Therefore, moissanite gems available at Bestcarat jewelry are brightening colorless, and pure.


  • Cut

Just like diamonds, moissanite can be cut into different styles, including round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and more. The moissanite gems offered by Charles & Colvard and Bestcarat Jewelry are excellent and fine in every detail.

Here is the comparison of the cut between Forever one moissanite and Bestcarat moissanite:  

Forever One Moissanite
  • Price

Forever one moissanite is created by, a US-based company. It is more expensive than regular moissanite. One carat forever one moissanite is priced at $599. Bestcarat moissanite was from Aisa, where the materials for moissanite are cheaper. Therefore, Bestcarat moissanite is available at a great price without compromising the beauty and quality of the gemstones. At Bestcarat, you can get one-carat moissanite for only $150.

  • Brilliance

Forever one moissanite and Bestcarat moissanite has different brilliance. The former has a refractive index of 2.71, while the latter is at 2.65. This slight difference is not very obvious to the naked eye.

The comparison between forever one moissanite and Bestcarat moissanite


Forever One Moissanite vs Bestcarat Moissanite


Bestcarat moissanite comes with impressive quality as Forever One Moissanite. Although there is a slight difference between them in brilliance, its prices are more affordable than forever one moissanite. If you are looking for a budget-friendly moissanite ring, Bestcarat moissanite will be the optimal option for you.

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