Eternity vs Infinity Moissanite Rings: Comparison

Eternity rings and Infinity rings express the same intention, that is, to express eternal love. However, their designs are considerably distinct. Infinity rings, on the other hand, resemble a figure of eight. Continue reading to learn more about the distinction between an eternity ring and an infinity ring.


Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a ring with a continuous loop of diamond and gemstones all around it. Eternity band is another name for it. In general, a circle denotes eternity. Diamonds or jewels represent love. As a result of the unending circle of diamonds, a diamond eternity band g is associated with an everlasting love.


The diamond eternity ring was created as a marketing gimmick in the 1960s by a British diamond business called DeBeers. Their intended market consisted of the wives of society's bourgeoisie. There was one advertisement aimed at husbands that said, "A diamond is forever." It brought a personal touch to the purchasing of eternity diamond rings. As a result, their sales increased.


3 Types of Eternity Rings

  1. Full eternity ring: It contains diamonds all the way around the band, as well as on the underside, making it completely stunning to look at. As a result, they produce the most radiance. However, it cannot be enlarged. Increased likelihood of needing maintenance. The most expensive of the three possibilities.


  1. Three-fourth eternityring: The diamonds on this type of ring cover 3/4 of the surface. The remainder of the section is left blank. If you want to leave the potential of ring sizing open in the future, 3/4 eternity bands are also a suitable option. The metal sizing bar, however, will be visible if the ring is spun far enough.


  1. Half eternity ring: Diamonds cover half of the ring's surface, leaving the other side untouched. Because of the fewer diamonds, this sort of ring is quite inexpensive. It may also be readily scaled and changed. However, if the ring rotates (or even slightly tilts) while being worn, the metal portion of the ring will be exposed.


Infinity Rings

The symbol of infinity, introduced in the 17th century by mathematician John Wallis, illustrates the theory of limitlessness. The emblem depicts two circles in figure 8 coming together to symbolize a couple's unending love and commitment.


The infinity symbol or figure 8 is included into the design of an infinity ring. The infinity symbol can be applied to an infinity ring in a variety of ways. Some rings include the infinity sign at the top of the ring, where the central diamond should be.


The infinity ring is commonly used as an engagement ring. Infinity rings are sometimes worn as fashion statements. They are not limited to a marriage, as eternity rings are.


Moissanite Eternity Bands and Infinity Rings

With the emerging of diamond alternatives, lab-created gems such as moissanite have been adopted in eternity rings and infinity rings. Now, you can find moissanite eternity bands and infinity rings in a variety of styles at the market.

Moissanite also have a beautiful and romantic symbolism. It is called gems from stars. So it also symbolize love despite ups and downs. It is an eternal love.

Moissanite eternity bands resemble diamond eternity rings a lot and they even look more beautiful and dazzling than diamond. Besides, their affordable prices make it accessible to the majority of people. That is the reason why it is so popular for eternity bands now.

Moissanite are lab created. They do not require any mining process. Therefore, it is also a ethical and sustainable purchase.   


Where to Buy Moissanite Eternity Bands and Infinity Rings

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The Verdict

Given that infinity rings are adorned with rocks all around, the sparkle is breathtaking. Similarly, they appear the same regardless of how they spin. When it comes to an infinity ring, its unique sign consistently distinguishes it from other rings.


Both limitless time and infinity rings make lovely wedding bands and are also perfect for unique occasions such as an anniversary. Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can choose an endless time or infinity ring.

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