Comparison: White sapphire vs Moissanite

There are many other white gemstones than diamonds that are desirable to wear. Several attractive alternatives to diamond jewelry include white sapphire and moissanite. This essay will examine some of the primary distinctions between the two precious stones so that you may select the most suitable option for your needs.

What is Moissanite?

Silicon carbide, which was first discovered in a crater left behind by a meteor by Dr. Henri Moissan, is today a crystalline substance that has been manufactured in laboratories for the past one hundred years. Moissanite, which is less expensive than diamonds, has high ratings on the hardness and clarity scales, just like diamonds, but the ratings are even higher. This gem's rise to prominence in the market for wedding and engagement rings can be attributed to all of these different factors. Check moissanite earrings by clicking here.

What is white sapphire?

White sapphires are from the same corundum mineral group as blue sapphires and rubies. This means that they are made of the same substance. The white sapphire is distinguished from the other jewels by a trace element, which is the only distinction between them. If the gemstone has even a tiny amount of chromium, it will convert into a ruby. On the other hand, traces of iron and titanium will turn it into a sapphire. Because they do not contain any trace elements, white sapphires are transparent and colorless as a result.

White sapphire vs Moissanite: Sparkle

White sapphire and Moissanite have a colorless appearance most of the time; nevertheless, impurities can cause very little tinting (a slightly yellow tinge on white sapphires). Moissanite may appear more transparent than white sapphire; however, white sapphire is more likely to become scratched and attract dirt than moissanite, so keep in mind that you will need to clean it more frequently to maintain its appearance. Moissanite is less likely to become scratched or attract dirt.

Moissanite may also have a modest advantage compared to tanzanite's overall shine. The brilliance refraction index of moissanite is between 2.65 and 2.69, whereas the brilliance refraction index of sapphire is 1.77, and its fire is 0.104, whereas sapphire fire is 0.018. Some individuals have remarked that moissanite's fire can be too intense, resulting in a flash that looks like a rainbow or a disco ball.

White sapphire vs Moissanite: Hardness

Even though diamond is the hardest gemstone known, white sapphire and moissanite are excellent jewelry choices. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, sapphire receives a score of 9.0, while moissanite receives a slightly higher score of 9.5. Both of these stones are considered to be quite durable. White sapphires (especially the edges) tend to wear more quickly over the years, so you may want to be a little more careful with white sapphire jewelry. This is because white sapphires tend to wear more easily over time.

White sapphire vs Moissanite: Price

The rise in popularity of white sapphire and moissanite can be attributed to the fact that they are both more affordable alternatives to diamonds as gemstones and as components of fine jewelry. The white sapphire will be more wallet-friendly at approximately 1.50 carats or less. The price per carat of natural sapphire will increase as natural sapphire becomes more prominent due to its rarity. White sapphire will be the better option if you want to choose a more affordable gem.

White Sapphire: the Good and the Bad of It


  • The appearance of white sapphires is comparable to that of diamonds.
  • Sapphires are prevalent gemstones associated with many meanings, including fortune and protection.
  • Depending on size, it can be purchased for less money than moissanite and diamond.


  • A fire and brilliance that is inferior to that of moissanite and diamond
  • A tiny bit more prone to wear and scratching as time passes (9 on Mohs Scale)
  • To keep its brilliant appearance, frequent cleaning is required.

The Good and the Bad of Moissanite


  • Moissanite is a gemstone that has a striking resemblance to a diamond.
  • White sapphire's superior in terms of both hardness and durability
  • Contains more fire and brilliance than a white sapphire.
  • Reduces the amount of routine cleaning that is necessary to preserve its luster.


  • *relative to size, far more expensive than sapphire (but less expensive than diamond)
  • Moissanite fire can give a disco ball sparkle.

White sapphire vs Moissanite: Which is Better?

White Sapphires, which are related to the planet Venus, which is the brightest of all the planets, help to enhance Venus in the Kundali, which in turn helps people overcome all problems more efficiently. This stunning gem offers institution, clarity, and self-mastery to its wearer. It also acknowledges the higher consciousness. Because this gemstone is related to the planet Venus, wearing it can confer enormous health, fortune, and fame upon the wearer. One can have a more comprehensive understanding of learning, growth, ideas, and concepts that can assist in one's development. A person who wears this gemstone can be cured of disorders related to their reproductive organs if those diseases are caused by a deficiency in its vast therapeutic qualities.

The presence of moissanite inspires joy and a constructive attitude toward one's own identity. Using a Moissanite stone can also assist one in developing artistic abilities and innovative thoughts. Since it is so strongly associated with a great deal of hope, wearing it confers the power to draw goodness from all directions of the world upon the person who does so—because of this, wearing this lovely gemstone can also improve one's chances of having a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. It has been shown to have this effect on both men and women.


The days are long gone when a diamond was the only option for engagement rings. There are already a plethora of choices accessible to choose from. Gemstones can give particular benefits in addition to the same amount of glare they give off. Moissanite is superior in terms of its durability and overall look compared to white sapphire. On the other hand, white sapphire is the superior choice in terms of cost. In the end, the decision comes down to one's personal preferences. Your decision of gemstone will not only serve as a valued substitute for a diamond but will also make the ring you select look breathtaking. Check moissanite earrings by clicking here.

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