Bestcarat’s Minimalist Collection: A New Way to Stylize You 

Are you looking for a piece of stunning jewelry to stylize your look within budget? You can indulge in the Bestcarat site to get affordable sparkly pieces. Bestcarat, the first one to bring moissanite to the younger fashion world, is dedicated to providing quality moissanite jewelry for the younger generation at affordable prices. Recently, it has grandly launched the latest collection - Minimalist Gifts that brings unique delicate iconic pieces to you.

Inspired by minimalism and the new lifestyle of the younger generation, our designers created the Minimalist collection by adopting simple lines to outline unique design graphics and incorporating classical elements like heart-shape, branch leaf, and crescent moon to intuitively show our attitudes towards love and lifestyle in our daily life under Minimalism. Meanwhile, the clever use of dazzling moissanite and handpicked sterling silver create an understated luxury timeless piece. A perfect blend of classics-meets-minimalism makes a series of delicate gifts.

This collection covers minimalistic and delicate pieces for every day and every occasion, including wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. These simple designs make them easily collocated with the daily dressing code, adding a big punch to your daily clothing.

one carat moissanite stone

Moissanite Stackable Ring

The stackable ring is gaining increasing popularity in recent years. It allows you to create an individual fashion style by combining it with other rings. And the use of moissanite adds an extra brilliant touch to stackable rings. In the Minimalist collection, you will encounter two special stackable rings, both of which are dotted by a trail of moissanite, delivering a low-luxury touch. 

Appearing in a minimalistic look, it is easy to collocate each of them with your everyday wear to create your minimalistic style. Surprisingly, intricately wearing them together, you will find a unique stackable style. Plus, you will meet a special brilliance by using them with your one-carat moissanite stone ring, 

one carat moissanite stone

Moissanite Stud Earrings 

Stud earrings are one of the most versatile pieces for enhancing your daily look. Because of an extra stunning touch with a moissanite, stud earrings are available in more styles. In this collection, you will never be disappointed by the moissanite earrings as they are in style. You can meet delicate and personalized ones which will make a perfect brilliance to your face and hair, while you will also be fascinated by stud dangle earrings glistering with a big dainty stone, to help you stand out at a party. Whatever design you want, you can find your loved one here. 

 one carat moissanite stone

Moissanite Necklace 

When you are going to enhance your look, there is nothing perfect than wearing a necklace. 

In this collection, you will find several creative necklaces. Some of them are dazzling with a one-carat moissanite stone, others are eye-catching because of their perfect blend of creative designs and dainty moissanite. For example, you will be impressed by Moissanite Heart Pendant Rose Gold Necklace that comes with heart shape pendant that emits exceptional brilliance with shiny stone. 

These moissanite necklaces are also stackable because of their minimalist looks. Stackablizing necklaces is a good way to create your signature fashion style with this environmental-friendly brilliant moissanite. For example, you can combine this Heart Lock Gold Plated Necklace with a chock to create a gothic style that shows an extra charm. 

one carat moissanite stone

Moissanite Bracelet

Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that easily dress up for a delicate look. It allows you to show your charm in your behavior. With the adoption of moissanite to the bracelets, these bracelets available in the minimalist collection bring extra sparkle to your look on every occasion. In terms of the size of moissanite, you will discover a variety of options for a bracelet. For example, you can get a bracelet with one-carat moissanite stone to dress up yourself for a party look. Also, you can get a little stone one to add a bit of brilliance to your commute look. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the right one. 

Bestcarat’s minimalist collection offers more ways to stylize you on every occasion by adopting moissanite. You can use any of them to enhance your look every day. Or try to combine them with your favorite jewelry to create a layered charm. Bestcarat offers the best quality moissanite jewelry at affordable prices. You can create a different style every day with little budget. Why not moissanite jewelry. 



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