All You Need to Know About Oval Moissanite Rings

Oval moissanite rings have been increasingly trendy in recent years due to its brilliance and fire as well as its modern style. However, how to get the perfect oval moissanite ring? In this guide, we will share all about oval moissanite rings with you to help you get your favorite one.

History of Oval Cut

First adopted in the diamond cut, oval cut is the variation of round cut. It has been the most preferred for millennia. The oldest oval cut dates back to the 1300s, but they were not given a name until the 1800s.

Lazare Kaplan, a Russian diamond cutter, perfected the oval cut technique in 1957. He possessed the ability to transform undesired rough stones into beautiful diamonds. His technique substantially enhanced the diamond's brilliance.

Nowadays, the oval cut method that that Kaplan pioneered has been also adopted in moissanite cut to increase the brilliance of these gemstones. Oval moissanite ring is one of the most popular styles for engagement.


oval moissanite ring

Why Choose an Oval Moissanite Ring

Oval cut moissanite rings have gained popularity among people.However, why do people show great preference for this ring style? There are three reasons :

  • Make your finger look slender and slim

In addition to creating a gorgeous ring, the elongated form of oval-cut moissanite can accentuate longer fingers and create the illusion of length for shorter fingers.

  • Brilliant like round cut but more affordable than round cut

Like round cuts, oval cuts feature 58 facets, which can show perfect brilliance that is comparable to round brilliant cuts. Luckily, an oval cut moissanite ring might cost around 25% less than a round cut stone of equal carat weights because its shape directly affects the price and the face-up size. If you are looking for a moissanite ring with stunning sparkle but cannot afford the cost of a round cut, the oval cut may be the ideal alternative.

  • Create an illusion of a larger center stone

Thanks to its elongated shape, an oval moissanite ring may appear larger than it actually is. Compared to one-carat round moissanite stones, oval moissanite of equivalent carat weight will look larger. Meanwhile, its similar brilliance to round moissanite also contributes to a larger stone.


oval moissanite ring

Bowtie Effects of Oval Moissanite Rings

Like diamonds, almost all oval moissanite rings will have a bowtie effect due to the blockage of light. It's not usually a fault in the moissanite stone, but rather how the stone is seen. The dark band, often known as a "bow tie," is an area where light does not reach the eye, as a result of dark patches that appear in the stone.

Moissanite cutters can reduce the size of a stone's bow tie, but they can't always get rid of it completely. If they do, it often changes the look and shape of the diamond as a whole. So, the bow tie effect shouldn't be ruled out right away as something bad.

oval moissanite ring

How to Choose a Perfect Oval Moissanite Ring

  • Select the Right Length to Width Ratio

Length-to-width ratio of a moissanite displays its proportionality in relation to its desired shape. For example, your oval moissanite ring will become broader if the length to with ratio is between 1.40 and 1.30, while as it approaches 1.30, your stone will become squat, neither round or oval. Once the length to width ratio exceeds 1.50, the space seems narrow and lengthy.

The length to width ratio of 1.40 to 1.50 is considered to make a perfect oval moissanite ring. However, the optimal ratio for the oval cut moissanite your purchase is determined by your personal preference. So try to select according to what you like.


  • Try to Reduce a Bowtie Effect

Almost all the oval moissanite stones will show a bowtie effect. It is not a flaw in the stone. However, there is no denying the fact that this effect will lag behind the beauty of your oval moissanite rings. To reduce the bowtie effect, keeping the depth ratio for oval moissanite between 62 and 66 percent can perfectly maximize brightness of the stone.

Oval moissanite with depths of less than 60 percent generally have pavilion angles that are less acute, which can cause bow-ties to appear conspicuous.

If the oval moissnaite's depth is greater than 68 percent, the bow tie effect will be drastically lessened. The optical qualities of the moissanite may be compromised. This causes the moissanite to appear drab and dark in color.

The bow tie's effect on the oval moissnaite's brilliance is unavoidable. Most people prefer a less intense bow tie effect on the stone. However, what is a perfect bowtie effect for your stone? It totally depends on your personal tastes. So consider various oval moissanite stones until you find one you like.

oval moisssanite ring
  • Choose your favorite style and settings

Selecting a perfect style and settings for your oval moissanite will enhance the beauty of your oval moissanite.

The solitaire setting is the most common way to set a oval moissanite ring. However, oval cut moissanite stones will come with two pointed edges, making them easily damage our daily wear.

To avoid this, halo setting is an ideal style for you. It can not only reduce the effect of pointed edges but also enhance the brilliance of your oval moissanite, creating an illusion of a larger stone.

Other options, like a three-stone setting with side stones and pave stones, are also popular for oval moissanite rings. Whether it's a three-stone ring or a setting with more than one stone, it can make your ring look more brilliant.

In terms of the metal, lustery metal such as platium, white gold and 925 sterling silver can enhance the brillance of your oval moissanites.


  • Purchase an Oval Moissanite Ring From a Reputable Retailer

Oval moissanite needs a high amount of skill to make it appear perfectly. So to get a perfect oval moissanite ring, you should purchase it from a reliable retailer who has excellent craftsmanship for moissanite cuts.

At Best carat jewelry, you can meet oval moissanite rings in a perfect shape that you like and they feature beautiful settings. Now select your oval moissanite ring here.


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