A Full Guide About Moissanite Colors

In recent years, moissanite engagement rings have become one of the most popular options for couples who want a long-lasting sign of their love due to their exceptional brilliance, affordable price, and environmental friendliness. Although all the moissanite are claimed to be colorless, moissanite actually shows gray, green, or yellow tints in certain lighting conditions.

In this short guide, we'll tell you what you need to know about Moissanite colors to help you find a great engagement ring.

moissanite colors

Does Moissanite Have a Color?

Yes. Color refers to a gemstone's natural body color, not the flashes of different colors it shows when it moves. The less color a diamond has, the rarer it is and, by extension, the more valuable it is.

Moissanite was never meant to be graded on the standard GIA diamond color grading scale. It's a stunning, dazzling jewel that stands alone, establishing a new jewelry category in its own right.

Moissanite colors can have undertones that range from green to yellow to gray, unlike diamonds, which can be colorless, brownish, or fancy yellow.

What Causes Moissanite Colors?

Moissanite stones get color as a result of the synthetic process they go through. Extreme circumstances are used to make these jewels, with superheated and compressed gasses condensing to form the stone within specific sealed rooms. The presence of trace elements, such as nitrogen, sulfur, and boron, causes unexpected reactions with the carbon in the stone, resulting in color.


moissanite colors

What Color does Moissanite Come in?

Although Moissanite does not have a formal grading framework, the 4Cs of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is frequently used informally to assess loose Moissanite stones.

In order to grade stones to industry standards, laboratories must follow a certain process for lighting, backdrop, and handling. To assess their grade, gems are typically compared to master stones of known color.

Here is the industrial grading of lab-grown Moissanite color

  • Colorless Moissanite stones: D-E-F.
  • Near-colorless Moissanite stones: G-H-I.
  • Slightly tinted Moissanite stones: J-K.

The Moissanite color grows more yellow or brown as you move up the alphabetical grading range. When you are shopping for moissanite online, you will find only near-colorless moissanite for sale. And they are graded "D E F".


moissanite colors

What is Fancy Color Moissanite

Fancy color moissanite is authentic moissanite gems. The colorful hues are produced by a specific heating process using ion induction, resulting in gorgeous colors on the gem's surface.

Is the color permanent or temporary?

Per the lab, the color treatment is permanent and is not temporary as long as the fancy-colored moissanite gem is not exposed to excessive heat greater than 1020° F.

moisssanite colors

How does Moissanite color affect value?

Moissanite color is an important factor in determining the value of these gemstones. Colorless Moissanite stones (grade D-E-F) are the most valuable, and their value decreases as the color becomes stronger.

An inclusion or blemish-free stone with a near-colorless grade or even slight tinting may be a cost-effective way for some couples to own a beautiful stone known for its brilliance.

In the case of fancy color Moissanite, the presence and depth of color increase the stone's value. High-quality, vivid, and deep stones are rare and, naturally, more desirable.


moissanite colors

Colorless Moissanite Rings or Fancy Color Moissanite Rings?

A Moissanite stone will make the person who wears it happy because it can split light into many different colors. Because of these great optical properties, even nearly colorless or colored Moissanite will make a stunning show. However, which is better? colorless moissanite engagement ring or fancy color moissanite ring?

Colorless moissanite will be one of the traditional choices for engagement rings. Their dazzling and transparent sparkle brings a pure and beautiful touch to your look at your engagement party. It also symbolizes pure but enduring love.

However, if you want a special engagement party, fancy moissanite colors will be the perfect but special signature. Choose a colored moissanite engagement according to your dress, you will get your unique wedding style.

colored moissanite

Tips for Your Perfect Moissanite Rings


  • Moissanite cut and clarity

At Bestcarat Jewelry, our artisan team performs with the uncompromising skill to design and develop flawless moissanite pieces. Our gemstone cutter cuts moissanite stone to magnify the fire and brilliance of the stone, So, regardless of color, choose your Moissanite stone based on its cut and clarity.

  • Moissanite carat size

Large Moissanite can have yellow or green hues that stand out in certain lighting. It gives your moissanite gem a rainbow effect most of the time. When the stone weighs more than one carat, it is usually easier to see. If you prefer a gaudy look, one carat or more will be the optimal choice for you.

  • Moissanite setting

Whether it is a colorless moissanite center stone or a colored one, pair your stone with fine luster metal such as yellow gold, white gold, or 925 sterling silver, making the gem appear with more brilliance and stand out more.

You can also try out settings like the halo or hidden halo that will make a colored stone look better.

To create a unique style, you can also set your beautifully colored moissanite stone with a halo of colorless stones. Sometimes, bold design makes a difference. So try to follow your preference.

Couples who choose a ring with more than one stone should choose accent diamonds that are the same color as the main stone to make sure it gets all the attention.


Final Thoughts

Moissanite is a type of precious stone that has a lot of fire and brilliance. If you know how to grade the color of these stones, you can choose a moissanite engagement ring that is not only beautiful but also at a reasonable price. Now, look through our large selection of the best moissanite engagement rings to find the right one for you at Bestcarat Jewelry.


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